Images of Hermitage

The south-facing hill of Hermitage; the lower part is lieu-dit Les Bessards, the upper part is lieu-dit l’Hermite with the ‘chapel’ on top.


Standing in lieu-dit Les Greffieux, looking up at lieu-dit l’Hermite to the left, lieu-dit Le Méal to the right


Never-ending wall building and upkeep


The front of the chapel


The wine named after it


Caroline Frey, current owner of Paul Jaboulet Aîné


Domaine Marc Sorrel Hermitage rouge ‘Le Gréal’ – a contraction of the names of two lieux-dits: Les Greffieux and Le Méal


Marc Sorrel (taken 2015) retired in 2019, handing over the estate to his son Guillaume


Bernard Faurie


Faurie’s tiny cellar underneath his house


Jean-Louis Chave (taken 2016)


How roots grow through granite on Hermitage