Images of Crozes-Hermitage

Standing in one vineyard, looking up at another – the southern part of Crozes-Hermitage is a series of alluvial terraces


Classic pebbly alluvial soils of the southern part of Crozes-Hermitage


David Reynaud (taken 2013)


Gaylord Machon


Emmanuel Darnaud (taken 2015)


Alain Graillot (taken 2014)


To the north of Hermitage, the terroir is very different, more sloping, with different soils types. These are fine, white clay soils known as kaolin in Larnage.


Laurent Habrard in Gervans, the northern part of the appellation


Laurent Fayolle of Domaine Fayolle Fils et Fille (taken 2017)


René-Jean Dard of iconic Natural wine producer Dard et Ribo