Images of Cornas

The village of Cornas


Largely east-facing slopes at the southern part of the appellation – lieu-dit Combe on the left, lieu-dit Patou on the right


Olivier Clape, with lieu-dit Sabarotte in the background


The slope in the background features the south-facing lieu-dit Reynard (left side, in shadow) and the west and south-facing lieu-dit La Geynale (spread around the pyramid-shaped hill to the right)


Soils here is decomposed granite, the rocks easily crumble in your hands to coarse sand


The view to the south-east towards the ruined Château de Crussol in neighbouring Saint-Péray


Ploughs, presses and tanks in Thierry Allemand’s winery


Thierry’s son, Théo Allemand


Olivier’s father, Pierre Clape


Bottles in the cellar at Domaine Clape