Images of Côte-Rôtie

Dark schist over pale gneiss in lieu-dit La Côte Brune


Looking north-east: lieu-dit Fongeant is the central slope, that becomes lieu-dit La Côte Brune further down


The east-facing slope of lieu-dit La Côte Brune


Jean-Paul Jamet in front of his parcel of lieu-dit La Côte Brune


Lieu-dit La Landonne faces the river on a very steep slope, Ampuis in the background


Plentiful dark red iron oxide colouring in the schist of lieu-dit La Landonne


Schist on the left, gneiss on the right


Decomposed granitic sands, found at the far south of Côte-Rôtie near Condrieu


Pierre-Jean Villa


Pierre Rostaing


Yves Gangloff


Agnès Levet


Various vintages of La Péroline, Domaine Levet


An impromptu still life in the Guigal cellar


Syrah and Viognier cofermenting at Domaine de Monteillet


Ampuis at dusk