Who is this blog for?

People who drink. From those who are just vaguely aware that wine and spirits are things worth investigating, to those who are already well into them. Wine is an endless Aladdin’s Cave of treats for the most underindulged senses – smell and taste. And the mental, physical and emotional feelings that go along with drinking alcohol can be hugely pleasurable (so long as we don’t go nuts). It is surely one of the only sustainable, healthy, hedonistic pursuits that both feels great and tastes amazing. Why on earth wouldn’t you want to get stuck in?

Why would you bother listening to me?

I’ve worked in wine for fifteen years and I’m still tasting all the time – dozens of wines a week. The more you taste, the more you know, so I have a grasp of what represents good quality and fair value. I’ve helped with wine selection and buying for award-winning wine companies, and I judge for international wine competitions so I feel confident about giving advice. And I’m completely independent, so you can trust what I say (if I ever write about a wine or winery that I am in some way commercially involved in, I will say so).

Why am I writing it?

I write for my friends, and anyone else who might be interested, to help them get into – and get the most out of – what can be a pretty big and confusing subject. But just because it’s big, it isn’t that difficult to understand, and it is well worth exploring because there is so much pleasure to be had. In fact, that it’s a big subject is what makes it endlessly fascinating.

And anyway, it’s all a good excuse for me to get out there and taste loads of new wines, which is one of my favourite things. I’m pretty much obsessed with wine and spirits, and always want to find out more. I enjoy writing about it, and like to think it might be useful for other people who share my affliction.

I hope you enjoy it.