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I contribute regular features to drinks publications such as, Decanter and Foodism. Having worked in and around the industry for 15 years, I also write articles for trade magazines such as Imbibe and Harpers Wine & Spirit.

My first book on wine, Drink Me, was recently published by Quadrille and has sold over 10,000 copies. You can see a trailer for it here.


From 2013 to 2016 I edited The London Wine Guide, an iPhone app designed to help you pinpoint the wine bar, wine shop or wine-focused restaurant that is closest to you (published in conjunction with Blue Crow Media).

Throughout 2015 I chaired the tasting panel for retail app Mr Vine, a marketplace for independent UK wine merchants.

For other wine apps that I think are worth downloading, see my recent Decanter article here.

Wine lists

If you want an exceptional wine list for your pub, restaurant or hotel but don’t have the in-house expertise, give me a call. Clients include The Table in London Bridge. I produced an original list for them that launched in summer 2012 and an updated new style of list in autumn 2015.

“His professionalism & understanding of his subject were immediately apparent, but it’s been his enthusiasm & commitment to the project which has made it such a pleasure to work with him. He has made what can be a daunting & intimidating subject entirely approachable. Throughout I was kept well informed & consulted. Matt produced a staff handbook and ran several staff training sessions which we have now incorporated into our induction process, an invaluable aid to the long-term knowledge & development of the team. I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt.” Shaun Alpine-Crabtree, Owner, The Table

“The wine list is a joy. The management recently brought in specialist Matt Walls as a consultant to rejuvenate their vinous offering and I would say they certainly got their money’s worth.” Noah May, The Arbuturian

“…a clever, curiosity-packed winelist” Marina O’Laughlin, The Guardian

I also established a wine list for Cafe Below in the City of London went on to win Best Cafe Wine List in the 2015 Imbibe Wine List of the Year competition.


If your restaurant, bar or shop staff could benefit from wine training, get in touch. From a 3-hour crash course to a 12-session weekly programme, my courses are always tailored to your individual requirements.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your brilliant & informative training session. It is always so nice to find other oenophiles with the passion that you display! Your book has been popular with the staff & customers alike (I’ve been known to stick it out with our newspapers on a Sunday). One of the bar managers has even borrowed it!…  I will let the other managers know in case you they are interested & will pass on your email address if that is OK.” Anneka Swann, Restaurant Manager at Paradise By Way of Kensal Green (Columbo Group)

Hosting tastings

This is the fun bit – drinking the stuff. I present consumer tastings and trade masterclasses for promotional bodies such as Wines of Germany.

I can work with you to create an original event, whether it’s a party for friends and family or corporate entertaining. Email me for a copy of my tastings menu and pricing. I also host the occasional sampling session, more for fun than for anything else. Send me an email if you want to go on the mailing list.


I’m an annual judge for three international wine competitions: the International Wine Challenge, the International Wine & Spirit Competition and the Decanter World Wine Awards. I helped judge the 2013 and 2014 Wines from Spain Awards in London and I was selected as the UK representative to judge the 2013 Pays d’Oc IGP Collection in Carcassonne, France and the 2016 Hunter Valley Wine Show near Sydney, Australia.

I set up and co-chaired the Wine Bloggers’ Cup, a competition for UK wine bloggers than ran from 2012 to 2013 in conjunction with The Table.

Other competitions that I helped judge in 2015 include the Sud de France Sommelier Competition and the 2016 and 2015 London Steak Awards.

These are just some of the projects I’ve been involved with over the past few years. If you’d like any further details, get in touch: mw(at)


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  1. VERMEERSCH says:

    We produce a GT-C 100% Carignan in Rhone Valley. If you like to taste, let us know! Cheers, Dirk Vermeersch

    • Matt says:

      Hi Dirk,

      Always interested in trying new things – give me a shout next time you’re opening bottles in London, I’ll come along.


  2. chris says:

    I have a reasonable knowledge of wine and particularly
    enjoy madeira,sherry and port.Would be interested in
    wine tastings and info. on wine clubs. Thank you.

    • Matt says:

      Hi Chris – me too, sherry, port and madeira are massively underrated. Let me know your email address and I’ll add it to the mailing list.


  3. Morning Matt

    Busy writing a blog on wine speak etc, is it ok to link to your recent post from your book?


  4. Anne says:

    Dear Matt

    You write just brilliantly. Can I add links to your articles on my website please? Or is that the sort of thing that Google doesn’t like?
    I,m in USA giving cooking classes just now. Sherry accompanied dishes where I can. Guests are fascinated by Sherry. I wish I had read your most recent blog before last night’s class!

    Tradicion’s Palo Cortado is my FAV too. It is the most sensational drink.

    Keep up the brilliant writing.


    • Matt says:

      Hi Annie – thanks very much, I’m pleased you’re enjoying it. It’s really motivating to get messages like this one! You’re very welcome to link to my site. Great to hear you’re serving sherry during your cooking classes – if you’re ever doing any in the UK, let me know.


  5. Tim says:

    Hi Matt,

    Found your blog via Twitter and I see from the comments above you’re always up for a wine tasting!

    I run a small importing business specialising in Mediterranean wines and we’ve started off importing some Spanish wines from Utiel-Requena; we’re having a tasting in SW London next Thursday if you’re interested.

    Tim (@alizarinwine)

    • Matt says:

      Hi Tim,

      Can’t make next Thursday annoyingly but do keep me up to date with what you’re up to. Hope it goes well!



      • Tim says:

        Hi Matt, we’re having a little tasting on the 23rd. I see you’re travelling so you may not have seen it. Let me know if I should resend


  6. Victoria Olivier says:


    I’m looking for someone to step in to run a Champagne and Cigar (there will be someone doing that part) Tasting next monday in London.

    Is this the kind pof services you can offer?


  7. Paul says:

    Hi Matt,

    Are you able to help!! I’m looking to get some Brooks Pionot Noir Janus in the UK. Can you suggest a UK source?

    Many thanks,


  8. Tim says:

    Hi Matt,
    Having another tasting of Spanish Reds from today until Sunday at Wimbledon Art Studios where we are based. Maybe you can make it this time?
    Times and how to get there are here:


  9. Tina Coady says:

    Hi Matt, new to your blog, really like it. I organise trade wine tastings, wondered if you would be interested in receiving invitations from us to events we organise.

    Kind regards

    • Matt says:

      Hi Tina – always interested to hear about tastings, do please add me to your mailing list – mw(at) Thanks!

  10. Jo Sanders says:

    HI Matt

    I am doing some research for a wine lovers project and wondered if you were free to offer some advice. Jo

  11. Rob Stephany says:

    Loving Drink Me and laughing a lot more than I expected!
    What do you think of wines made with grapes and another fruit? Is it snobbish (see your blog) to shun them?

    • Matt says:

      Hi Rob. Glad you’re enjoying it! I don’t discount them out of hand – just because the vast majority of wines made from fruits other than grapes that I’ve tried just haven’t been that brilliant. And let’s face it – the shelves at most good wine shops aren’t exactly groaning with top class elderberry wine! I’m not saying they could never be worth drinking – I always try and keep an open mind, and I’m sure I’ll come across good examples once in a while. Have you tasted any good ones?

  12. Rob Stephany says:

    Hi Matt i certainly have- I sell one! Would you like a sample?

    • Matt says:

      Would love to, thanks – what is it? – always interested in trying new things. Email me at mw@mattwalls . co . uk for address.

  13. Paul says:

    Hi Matt,
    I am a regular visitor to Tunisia, have you tried any of their wines, If so what’s your opinion of them?

    • Matt says:

      Hi Paul,
      OK I’m going to be honest… I’ve only ever tasted one, and it was TERRIBLE! That’s not to say they all are of course – would love to try more, but only 2 are imported into the UK by the looks of it. Will have to visit Tunisia myself and explore some time. Have you had any good ones?

  14. Chris Burn says:

    Hi Matt

    This is just to let you know that we’re ive with a new online publication, which curates the best of writing on the web on beers, wines and spirits. We’ll be bringing a broad range of quality writing from professionals and bloggers to a wider audience than would otherwise be the case, by making it available in this way.

    Selected news, blog and video headlines are brought to the site via their RSS feed. We have included your RSS feed in our initial selection and are advising you of this as a matter of courtesy. A snippet of text, an image (if available) and the identity of each publication is featured on the site when an item is published, enabling the user to click through easily to their chosen blog or publication, to read the story in full. By doing this, we therefore hope to bring both greater awareness and a greater readership to your blog.

    You can find us at: and the site is compatible for both smartphone and tablet, as well as desktop. We hope you like what you see and would be delighted if you could give us a mention via your social channels.

    Please let us know if you have any questions at, or @mywinedaily or via Facebook.

    Apologies for using this space, but don’t have another way at present.

    Many thanks


  15. rosie harkness says:

    Hi Matt I’d like to send you some info the highly innovative new Stormhoek Stack from Origin Wines in the Western Cape, so pls may I have your email address.

  16. Hi Matt,

    Do you have sampling policies of sorts? Love the blog, really interesting read.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks Keiran! I’m always interested in tasting something new if it’s good quality – shoot me an email at mw @

  17. Hi Matt

    We are looking to arrange a tasting and presentation for a New Zealand producer that we are working with , I was wondering what services you may be able to offer and the best way of moving forward?



  18. Bonjour Matt
    We are a boutique luxury hotel in Burgundy, in the heart of the famous wine village of Gevrey Chambertin. In the two years since opening we have moved to No 1 of 492 Hotels in Burgundy on Trip Advisor. We now offer wine tours, tastings and are in the process of opening a wine school. We provide cultural guides to Burgundy via our associate site Our focus is on the history of this great region and its 2,000 year association with wine making. If there is any aspect of Burgundy life or culture that might be of interest to your audience please do not hesitate to let us know. We are about to publish an article on Burgundy and Thomas Jefferson, and there is a good article on our site about Burgundy and Napoleon. We are interested in promoting our progress and presence in the UK and the wine world. Thanks for taking the time. Best wishes Paul and Jolanta

    • Matt says:

      Hi Paul and Jolanta,
      Thanks for getting in touch, I’ve taken a look online and it looks great. I’ve had some disappointing experiences with hotels in Burgundy before, so it’s good to know about you guys. Next time I’m looking at Burgundy in-depth, I’ll give you a shout.

  19. LIZ says:

    Hi Matt, we’re delighted to see that Lidl UK is stocking Clairette de Die, we have been buying it in France ever since first tasting it on our honeymoon 35 years ago in the Vercors /Drome region where it is produce. We often buy it in the Lidl store in Die – pronounced DEE for those who think it sounds like a dreadful place to visit!!!

    • Matt says:

      Hi Liz – can be such a lovely wine, shame we don’t see it over here more. But with a name like that, maybe it’s not so surprising!

  20. Alice Rich says:

    Good Day Matt,

    I’m contacting you on behalf of adMingle South Africa. We are a social media marketing platform.

    We are looking at running an international wine campaign, and searching for wine bloggers. We would love for you to write a post.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  21. Alex says:

    Hi Matt,

    How can i reach you to discuss possible advertising collaborations? Is that something you’d be open to?

    Many thanks

  22. Hi Matt,

    I’ve just seen your review of Domaine la Ligiere Vacqueyras le mourre de la caille, and noticed that you don’t have a UK retail price on there. We currently have this one in stock for £13.75.


  23. Max says:

    Good day!
    My name is Maxim, 24 years old and I am a Russian student of the Master’s program ‘Experience Economy: Hospitality and Tourism Management’ in the Higher School of Economics Campus in St. Petersburg.
    Now I’m working on my term paper on the theme «Role of the Augmented Reality in the formation of the attractiveness of the tourist product in the field of the wine tourism» and I would like to ask for some help from the specialists in this field! (It’s already my second university degree, prior to it I defended my graduation thesis (as an English translator) on the theme of «Wine Tourism and Translation of it’s terminology».)
    But first of all, I must ask if you will be willing to find some time and fill in my small questionnaire (I will send in a matter of days). It will not require any detailed answer, just to mark one of the variants and to add your brief answer to a question. I hope that this will not take much of your time.
    It’s the first time I need to collect the data and I will be very grateful for what one can contribute to this process.
    If you are ready to spare me some time, please leave any answer!
    Thanks in advance for any response

  24. Blanc-Calvet says:

    Dear Matt,
    We proposed our wines by Inter Rhone for a selection in october but we didn’t have any feed back.
    How is it possible to know what you thought about our wines? What do I have to to to have these kind of informations?
    Please let me know.
    Best regards,
    Alice Blanc-Calvet
    Domaine de Piéblanc

    • Matt says:

      Hi Alice,
      Thanks for sending in samples. I make a selection of the top 300 notable wines of the vintage, that are published by Decanter magazine. I’m sorry that your wine didn’t make the list this year, but do please send in your 2017 when I return in October this year. I’m a big fan of Beaumes de Venice, particularly the reds.
      Best wishes,

  25. Dino Ciufi says:

    hi Mattt, we are wondering how you go about previewing a wine as we would like you to try some of our award winners from Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards and Winey Bitch!

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