Château des Tours

Needs a brief decant, but then has intense honey aromas, beeswax. Followed up by honey flavour and some grapefruit marmalade, leading to a very dry, mineral, pithy finish with a bitter twist. Very distinctive, very grown-up. The most Old World wine imaginable.

Domaine des Tours

Remarkably pale, not far off a rosé. Pure red cherry fragrance, English strawberry, sage. Light- to medium-bodied, good acidity, dry finish, very dry in fact, savoury and slightly herbal. Gentle sucrosité to the fruit, not terribly intense, quite short, but at least authentic and true to the region and producer. Basic stuff, but enough interest to make it worthwhile.

Château des Tours

Very pale colour. Pure English strawberry and sage. Medium- to full-bodied, vibrant pinpoint acidity. Very herbal in style: rosemary, thyme. Dry finish, herbal and resinous, very savoury, not long. Very drinkable, with a slight mineral seam.

Mas de Cynanque

Honeyed and nutty on the nose but with bright freshness. Cheeky touch of toasted hazelnut. Full bodied, low acidity but balanced with minerality and bitterness. Medium length, very well balanced, which is quite a feat. Dry, grippy finish.